Blum LaserControl NT
Brand: Blum
Manufacturer: Blum-Novotest
Model: LaserControl NT

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Here is one of the videos about the probe from Blum’s YouTube channel:

Here is one of the PDF’s for the various LaserControl NT products:  LaserControl Nano NT

Blum mentions the following types of applications for its line of LaserControl NT products:

Shaft Breakage and Single Cutting Edge Control

Shaft breakage control of the complete tool spectrum
The integrated electronic system checks each individual cutting edge at full speed
Tough diamond and CBN tools are monitored reliably
Reliable tool breakage monitoring also with a large amount of coolant

Breakage and Single Cutting Edge Control
Tool Setting

Fast, precise and automatic tool setting of smallest tools
Tools are measured in the real clamping system at nominal speed
Spindle and tool seating accuracy are instantly measured and corrected
Higher productivity through process-integrated tool setting

Wear and Form Control of Tools

Automatic wear control of tools
Fast, precise non-contact scan of a variety of tools
On-machine, in-process control of tool geometry
Consistent manufacturing quality by detection of cutting edge breakage

Compensation of the Machine Axes

Compensation of temperature drift of spindle and axes
Compensation of spindle drift at high speeds
Reduced tool wear at High-Speed-Cutting by dynamically adjusted tools
Ideal solution for HSC-machines

Additional Software Options:

Micro-wear is detected within seconds (> 5 µm)
Reliable tool monitoring under production conditions
Use of the tools until the real end of the service life
Decrease of rework and scrap
Perfectly adapted for mass production (i.e. engine production)


Tools are checked for runout within seconds
Tool changing and clamping errors are fast and reliably identified
Reduced scrap and higher productivity
Preventive maintenance of machine spindle


Enables fast measuring of turning tools and fine boring tools
Reliable wear control on the complete cutting edge geometry
Reliable breakage control of tough diamond and CBN tools
Integrated tool setting with automatic update of tool data