Combined measuring systems - high precision laser systems with additional mechanical probes.
Brand: Blum
Manufacturer: Blum-Novotest
Model: LaserControl NT-H and LaserControl NT-H 3D

If you are looking for Blum’s combined measuring systems then you are welcome to contact us about these:

  • Blum LaserControl NT-H
  • Blum LaserControl NT-H 3D

According to the company, here are some of the benefits and necessary information.

Here is some more information on these items from the company:


  • Thermal compensation of all machine axes
  • Hybrid Laser to reach absolute accuracy limits in mold and die applications
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Pre-aligned laser
  • Focused laser beam for highest accuracy also with smallest tools
  • Easy installation on machine table
  • Easy installation of a tool cleaning nozzle
  • Allows the usage together with swiveling units
  • Extremely small air consumption


Thermal Compensation of the 3rd Machine Axis