The touch probe TC53 | TC63 allows a fast and precise workpiece & tool measurement in turning and milling centers. Through the modular design and the whole range of options and accessories it can be adapted to meet the special requirements of customers and thereby extending significantly the range of applications. The probe incorporates the newly announced and patented shark360-technology which introduces a modified face gear to the probe assembly. The shark360 measuring mechanism sets a new benchmark in accuracy and reliability within the measuring technology for machining centers.
Brand: Blum
Manufacturer: Blum-Novotest
Model: TC63

If you are looking for the Blum TC63 probe series then you are welcome to contact us. These include:

  • TC63-10
  • TC63-20
  • TC63-30

We can help you with those parts as well as related Blum parts accessories you may need for machine tool workpiece measurement and similar functionality.

Here is more about Blum and its products:

According the Blum’s website, here are some more details about the TC63 series:

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