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Blum indicates that their bore gauges are machine independent measuring systems to monitor the quality of tight-tolerance fits on high productive machining centres and transfer machines.

Depending on the design of the device, there are different fields of application i.e. the engine block production, the valve production, the cylinder block production or the compressor production.


  • Machine-independent measuring system for bores
  • Extremely fast measuring cycle and data transmission
  • On-machine measuring
  • Instant process control due to measurement and calculation of tool compensation values
  • Closed loop machining by communicating with third party active tools (i.e. adjustable boring bars)
  • Reliable radio transmission with BRC Technology
  • Robust construction for durable usage in high production manufacturing environments
  • Very low power consumption
  • Integrated Z-axis collision protection
  • Increased productivity, significant ROI due to elimination of costly post process measuring station

Customized solutions for a variety of applications:


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Process Control

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Interface IF48

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Optoelectronic Signal Generation

Latest Data Transmission