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JMS Supply is an authorized reseller and distributor / dealer for Leine & Linde products.  We offer you several benefits when you contact us such as:

  • Quick pricing quotes (not just list price) without having to wait for days to have a manufacturer’s representative to call you back
  • Wholesale pricing (please call)
  • Quick delivery, including certain items personally delivered depending on your location
  • Customized education to help you keep your products working longer, thereby reducing downtime and repair costs in the future
  • Discussing whether you need replacement parts or replacement of the entire unit(s)

You may start your search for Leine & Linde products by clicking on the appropriate link.  You also may use the search field located near the top of the page if you are looking for a specific item, category, or model number.

If you have any questions or cannot find what you believe you need then please contact us.  We can help you with virtually all of your needs for digital readouts, milling systems, turning systems, grinding systems and encoders.  We also can discuss the possibility of repair for your current Acu-Rite products.  We also look forward to sharing information with you in order to ensure that you are getting helpful education along with the products you purchase.

Leine & Linde Resources

You are welcome to download the following Leine & Linde PDF files to learn more about its product lines:

Additional information can be found on these PDFs from the official website:

Leine & Linde Products

Absolute and Incremental Encoders

  • M500 – Your future heroes
    • MSI 593
    • MHI 594 12ths
    • MHI 594 20hs
    • MZI 594
  • 4000 Linear
    • RLA 4200
    • RLI 4300
  • 2000 Bearingless
    • MRI 2200
    • MRI 2300
    • MRI 2850
  • 1000 Extreme
  • 900 Premium
  • 800 Heavy duty
  • 700 Compact
  • 600 Industrial
    • 600 YAWMO®
  • 500 Robust
  • 300 Miniature
  • Accessories

Strain sensors

  • ESR Strain sensor

Structural load monitoring

  • EMS with basic modules
  • EMS Turbine Load Control

Condition monitoring

  • ADS Uptime
    • ADS Link
  • ADS Online
  • ADS Upgrade Unit
  • ADS Classic

Motion control

  • Speed monitoring
  • Dual output encoders
  • Fieldbus interfaces

Functional safety

  • FSI 900
    • FSI 900 YAWMO®
  • FSI 800

Hazardous locations

  • Ex-proof absolute encoders
    • Ex 600 series
  • Ex-proof incremental encoders
    • Shaft diameter 0-25 mm
      • Ex-proof XHI 841
    • Shaft diameter 25-100 mm
      • Ex-proof Magnetic MRI 2854
    • Shaft diameters >100 mm
      • Ex-proof Magnetic MRI 2242/2342

Leine & Linde Videos

Discover more about the Leine & Linde products and their benefits by watching videos from the company’s official YouTube channel: