Heidenhain iTNC 530 Contouring Control for milling, drilling, boring machines and machining centers
Brand: Heidenhain
Manufacturer: Heidenhain
Model: iTNC 530

Heidenhain iTNC 530

The iTNC 530 from HEIDENHAIN is a versatile, workshop-oriented contouring control for milling, drilling and boring machines as well as machining centers.  Contact us at (972) 822-0478 or e-mail us for help in finding any Heidenhain part or if you help with repair and on-site installation services

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The iTNC 530 is universal, and its broad and complex range of applications proves it.

  • Universal milling machines
  • High speed milling
  • Five-axis machining with swivel head and
  • rotary table
  • Five-axis machining on very large
  • machines
  • Boring mills
  • Machining centers and automated
  • machining


The iTNC 530 features optimized motion control, short block processing times and special control strategies. Together with its uniform digital design and its integrated digital drive control including inverters, it enables you to reach very high machining speeds and the best possible contour accuracy—particularly when machining 2-D contours or 3-D shapes.

The DCM dynamic collision monitoring (option) of the iTNC 530 cyclically monitors the working space of the machine for possible collisions with machine components and fixtures. With the AFC adaptive feed control (option), the iTNC regulates the feed rate automatically— depending only on the respective spindle power consumption and other process data. This optimizes the machining time, supports tool monitoring and reduces machine wear.

The iTNC 530 controls up to 18 axes and 2 spindles. The block processing time is 0.5 ms. A hard disk serves as program memory medium.

Here is a one-hour webinar from Heidenhain’s YouTube channel regarding the iTNC 530:

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