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JMS Supply is an authorized reseller and distributor / dealer for Acu-Rite and MILLPWR products.  We offer you several benefits when you contact us such as:

  • Quick pricing quotes (not just list price) without having to wait for days to have a manufacturer’s representative to call you back
  • Wholesale pricing (please call)
  • Quick delivery, including certain items personally delivered depending on your location
  • Customized education to help you keep your products working longer, thereby reducing downtime and repair costs in the future
  • Discussing whether you need replacement parts or replacement of the entire unit(s)

You may start your search for Acu-Rite products by clicking on the appropriate link.  You also may use the search field located near the top of the page if you are looking for a specific item, category, or model number.

You also are welcome to contact us about Acu-Rite’s MILLPWR line of products.

If you have any questions or cannot find what you believe you need then please contact us.  We can help you with virtually all of your needs for digital readouts, milling systems, turning systems, grinding systems and encoders.  We also can discuss the possibility of repair for your current Acu-Rite products.  We also look forward to sharing information with you in order to ensure that you are getting helpful education along with the products you purchase.

MILLPWR Products

Please click this link to discover more about the Acu-Rite MILLPWR product line.

Acu-Rite Products

Get The Acu-Rite DRO Identification Chart (PDF format):  Click Here (PDF)

Acu-Rite Digital Readouts And Accessories (1-4 Axes)

Acu-Rite Milling Systems

  • 2-Axes Milling Systems
  • 3-Axes Milling Systems
  • Mill Brackets
    • SENC 150 X & Y AXIS
    • SENC 150 Z (Quill) AXIS
    • SENC 150 Z (Knee) AXIS
  • Accessories

Acu-Rite Turning Systems

  • 2-Axes Turning Systems
    • VUE
    • 200S
    • 300S
  • Lathe Brackets SENC 50
    • Cross Slide
    • Longitudinal
    • Scale Brackets
  • Lathe Brackets SENC 150
    • Cross Slide
    • Longitudinal

Acu-Rite Grinding Systems

  • 2 Axes Grinding System
    • VUE
    • 200S
    • 300S
  • Grinder Brackets SENC 50
    • Scale Brackets
  • Grinder Brackets SENC 150
    • Scale Brackets
  • Comparator Brackets SENC 150
    • Scale Brackets

Acu-Rite Linear Encoders


  • IOB610
  • IB2X
  • Single Pos Stand
  • Holder For Mounting Arm
  • Mounting Arm
  • Handle
  • Mounting Frame


  • Extension Cables (SENC 50 and SENC 150)
    • 5′
    • 10′
    • 15′
    • 20′
    • 25′
  • Service Parts
  • Replacement Reader Heads
    • SENC 150 Reader Heads
  • Sealing Lips

Acu-Rite Universal Scale Bracket Kits

(please call for your specific needs)

Acu-Rite Interface Cables

  • D9 Connector
  • MS Connector
  • Mini Din
  • D25 Connector