Renishaw LP2 and LP2DD Inspection Probe Replacement Parts

Conversion kit
This kit allows the conversion of your existing LP2 probe to LP2DD.

  • 2 C spanners
  • Front ring
  • Outer diapragm
  • O ring

Part number: A-2063-8023

LP2DD diaphragm replacement kit
An outer diaphragm replacement kit for the LP2DD.

  • Diaphragm
  • O ring

Part number: A-2063-8030

Chip deflector
This deflector is recommended if the LP2DD is subjected to continual exposure to hot chips.
Part number: M-2063-8003

C spanner
A C spanner is required for fitting an LP2 to your machine.
Part number: A-2063-7587

LP2 service kit (DK2)

  • Front cap
  • Metal eyelid
  • Spring
  • O ring

Part number: A-2063-7542

TK1 tool kit

  • Stylus tool
  • 1.5 mm A/F hex key
  • 2.0 mm A/F hex key
  • 2.5 mm A/F hex key
  • 3.0 mm A/F hex key
  • 4.0 mm A/F hex key

Part number: A-2053-7531