Renishaw offers a service, repair and recalibration option including various certificates.  Many refer to this as the Repair By Exchange (RBE) program, and you are welcome to contact us about your Renishaw parts and if we can help you with the RBE process.

Here is some important pieces of text from Renishaw’s official page on the topic:

Before returning any units for repair or replacement, please contact your local Renishaw office. To minimise disruption to your operations we will always try where possible to resolve any issues by phone or email first, before deciding that the unit needs returning to Renishaw.

Accidents happen and systems do wear in use. Whatever the reason you will want to know that Renishaw offers a full range of service and repair options. In additional to standard repairs, ‘Repair by Exchange’ (RBE) units are available for several items as a cost effective repair option.

For legacy products (ML10, EC10 and QC10 units), upgrade options are available against a brand new Renishaw system. For full details and prices please contact your local Renishaw office.

Recalibration periods and facilities

All Renishaw lasers and ballbars returned for recalibration or repair (where recalibration is carried out after the repair), are recalibrated using the same equipment and procedures as used for the original factory calibrations. Environmental compensators and sensors are calibrated via a direct measurement comparison to a reference system at a single ambient temperature and pressure.


Here is the PDF from the website:  Renishaw RBE certification and recalibration PDF


Here is more information about calibration certificates, recalibration certificates and certificates of conformity:  click here

About the Renishaw Repair By Exchange (RBE) program and calibration and recalibration certificates.
Brand: Renishaw
Manufacturer: Renishaw
Model: Repair By Exchange RBE