Heidenhain Angle Encoders

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From Heidenhain:

HEIDENHAIN angle encoders are characterized by high accuracy values in the arc second range and better. These devices are used in applications such as rotary tables, swivel heads of machine tools, dividing apparatuses, high-precision angle measuring tables, precision devices in angular metrology, antennas and telescopes.

• Line counts typically 9 000 to 180 000
• Accuracy from ± 5“ to ± 0.4“
• Measuring steps as fine as 0.000 005° or 0.018″ (incremental) or 29 bits, i.e. approx. 536 million

Mounting variants
In angle encoders and rotary encoders with integral bearing and stator coupling, the graduated disk of the encoder is connected directly to the shaft to be measured. The scanning unit is guided on the shaft via ball bearings, supported by the stator coupling.

During angular acceleration of the shaft, the stator coupling must absorb only that torque resulting from friction in the bearing, thereby minimizing both static and dynamic measuring error. Moreover, the coupling mounted on the stator compensates axial motion of the measured shaft. Other benefits of the stator coupling are:
• Simple installation
• Short overall length
• High natural frequency of the coupling
• Hollow through shaft is possible

Angle encoders and rotary encoders with integral bearings that are conceived for a separate shaft coupling are designed with a solid shaft. The recommended coupling to the measured shaft compensates radial and axial tolerances.

Angle encoders for separate shaft couplings permit higher shaft speeds. Angle encoders and rotary encoders without integral bearing operate without friction. The two components—the scanning head and the scale disk, drum, or tape—are adjusted to each other during assembly. The benefits are:
• Requires little space
• Large hollow-shaft diameter
• High shaft speeds possible
• No additional starting torque

With incremental angle encoders and rotary encoders, the current position is determined by starting at a datum an counting measuring steps, or by subdividing and counting signal periods. Incremental encoders from HEIDENHAIN feature reference marks to reestablish the
reference point.

Incremental rotary encoders with commutation signals provide the angular shaft position value—without requiring previous traverse—with sufficient accuracy to correctly control the phases of the rotating field of a permanent-magnet threephase motor.

Absolute angle encoders and rotary encoders require no previous traverse to provide the current position value.

Singleturn encoders provide the current angular position value within one revolution, while multiturn encoders can additionally distinguish between revolutions. The position values are transmitted over an EnDat, SSI, PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET or other serial data interface. The EnDat- Interface, PROFIBUS-DP or PROFINET bidirectional interfaces enable automatic configuration of the higher-level electronics and provide monitoring and diagnostic functions.

Under the designation functional safety, HEIDENHAIN offers encoders with purely serial data transmission as single-encoder systems for safety-related machines and systems. The two measured values are already formed independently of each other in the encoder, and are transmitted to the safe control via the EnDat interface.

RCN, RON, RPN Angle Encoders
With Integral Bearing and Integrated Stator Coupling

RCN 2380
RCN 2580
RCN 2310
RCN 2510
RCN 2390 F2)
RCN 2590 F2)
RCN 2390 M2)
RCN 2250 M2)
CN 5380
RCN 5580
RCN 5310
RCN 5510
RCN 5390 F2)
RCN 5590 F2)
RCN 5390 M2)
RCN 5590 M2)

RON 225
RON 275
RON 285
RON 287
RON 786
RON 886
RPN 886
RON 905

ROD Angle Encoders
With Integral Bearing, for Separate Shaft Coupling

ROD 220
ROD 270
ROD 280
ROD 780
ROD 880

ERP Angle Encoders
Without Integral Bearing

ERP 880
ERP 4080
ERP 8080

ERO, ERA Angle Encoders
Without Integral Bearing

ERA 4280 C
ERA 4480 C
ERA 4880 C

ERO 6070
ERO 6080
ERO 6180

ERA 4280 C Signal period 20 μm
ERA 4480 C Signal period 40 μm
ERA 4880 C Signal period 80 μm

ERA Angle Encoders
Without Integral Bearing

ERA 7400 C
ERA 8400 C

ERA 6080
ERA 6070
ERA 6086
ERA 6076