Heidenhain Exposed Linear Encoders

On this page you will find links to the various Heidenhain exposed linear encoders available.  You are welcome to contact us for any help regarding pricing, quick delivery, wholesale prices, repairs, education on which model to choose for your specific situation and any other information about these exposed linear encoders.

According to the company, The exposed linear encoders of the LIP and LIF types are characterized by small measuring steps together with high accuracy. The measuring standard is a phase grating applied to a substrate of glass or glass ceramic. LIP and LIF encoders are typically used for:

  • Measuring machines and comparators
  • Measuring microscopes
  • Ultra-precision machines such as diamond lathes for optical components, facing lathes for magnetic storage disks, and grinding machines for ferrite components
  • Measuring and production equipment in the semiconductor industry
  • Measuring and production equipment in the electronics industry


The LIF 481 V is suited for special applications in high vacuum (to 10–7 bar).

Heidenhain LIP and LIF Exposed Linear Encoders

Heidenhain PP Exposed Linear Encoders

  • Heidenhain PP 281

Heidenhain LIC and LIDA Exposed Linear Encoders

  • Heidenhain LIC 4000 series
  • Heidenhain LIP 400 series
  • Heidenhain LIDA 200 series