Heidenhain Workpiece Touch Probes

The TS workpiece touch probes from HEIDENHAIN help you perform setup, measuring and inspection functions directly on the machine tool.

The stylus of a TS touch trigger probe is deflected upon contact with a workpiece surface. At that moment the TS generates a trigger signal that, depending on the model, is transmitted either by cable or over an infrared beam to the control.

The control simultaneously saves the actual position values as measured by the machine axis encoders, and uses this information for further processing. The trigger signal is generated through a wear-free optical switch that ensures high reliability.

HEIDENHAIN offers probe styli with various ball-tip diameters and stylus lengths. On the TS 249, asymmetric probing elements can also be attached through an adapter and exactly aligned with the aid of the screw connection.

Benefits of HEIDENHAIN touch probes:

  • High probe repeatability
  • High probe velocity
  • No wear thanks to contact-free optical switch and high-accuracy pressure sensor
  • High repeatability over a long period
  • Noise-free signal transmission by cable or infrared beam
  • Optical status indicator
  • Integrated flusher/blower on infrared touch probes
  • On TS 249: Direct connection with any subsequent electronics; no interface required

Heidenhain Touch Probe Models