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Here is more information about the TS 750:

From this page on the Heidenhain website: https://www.heidenhain.com/news/press-releases/the-new-ts-750-touch-probe-and-new-grinding-functions-for-the-tnc-640

TS 750 touch probe: in-process quality inspection

The new TS 750 is a high-accuracy workpiece touch probe for grinding machines. Featuring a diameter of only 25 mm and a probing repeatability of 2σ ≤ 0.25 µm, this touch probe is both compact and highly accurate. Its radial probing force is just 0.2 N, and its long-life pressure sensor is designed to withstand several million probing operations. The touch probe’s sensors and electronics are protected by two overlying bellows that effectively keep out swarf and lubricating coolant. The outer bellows can even be replaced.

Extensive mounting options from various bases, adapters, and extensions for the M16 fastening thread, combined with a standard M3 thread for numerous stylusi, allow the HEIDENHAIN TS 750 touch probe to be adapted to a variety of measuring tasks. The TS 750 is therefore ideal for in-process part inspection inside a grinding machine. In terms of mounting, it is also interchangeable with the TS 150 optical touch probe featuring a similarly wear-free sensor.