Heidenhain Modular Encoders

If you need to repair, replace, or consider switching manufacturers to Heidenhain modular encoders then you are welcome to contact us with your specific needs.  We can help you choose the correct Heidenhain modular encoder to help you save time, money and risk of downtime.

From Heidenhain:

The ERM modular encoders from HEIDENHAIN consist of a magnetized scale drum and a scanning unit with magnetoresistive sensor. Their MAGNODUR measuring standard and the magnetoresistive scanning principle make them particularly tolerant to contamination.  Typical applications include machines and equipment with large hollow shaft diameters in environments with large amounts of airborne particles and liquids, for example on the spindles of lathes or milling machines, for reduced accuracy requirements.

ERM Modular Encoders – Without Integral Bearing

ERM 200 Series

  • ERM 220
  • ERM 280
  • ERM 2410
    • Consists of ERM 2410 scanning head and the ERM 200 scale drum
    • Incremental measuring method with distance-coded reference marks
    • Integrated counting function for absolute position-value output
    • Absolute position value after traverse of two reference marks

ERM 2400 Series

  • ERM 2484: Drum fastening by axial clamping
  • ERM 2485: Drum fastening by axial clamping and feather key as anti-rotation element

ERM 2984 Series

  • Except for its line count, the ERM 2984 modular encoder shares the same mechanical and electrical features as the ERM 2484